Oncle Kani


ONCLE KANI, was born in Congo Kinshasa with Congolese father and Angolan mother. Kani began to dance Ndombolo and Afrohouse.

He was a member of Kizomba fr school and flores Do Semba. While preparing for his engineering degree, Kani left the dance scene for a while.

Upon completion, he returned to the dance scene to win the biggest semba competition, in Europa (Certeza), with partner Nefertiti. Kani with his new dance partner, BlackCherry , teach Kizomba, semba, afro house, Ndombolo.


Stephane discovers kizomba after his trip to Cape Verde in 2006 and immediately fell in love with this dance is 6 years later he took his first course with Cymeone Mopao of Paris and other teachers of the kizomba.

His scene is inspired among other very technical style by ENAH Lebon, while maintaining the real roots of kizomba.

Today he is happy to share his passion through courses, workshops, and festivals. He currently teaches every Thursday in Illzach (France) and every Sunday in Freiburg (Germany).

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